EML-3005 Syllabus - EML 3005 Mechanical Design Mechanical...

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Version: 21 Aug 2011 EML 3005: Mechanical Design Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department University of Florida Fall 2011 Instructor: Dr. Griffis Office: 206 MAE-B Phone: 352-392-1196 (check) Email: [email protected] Class: M W F 8 th Period (3:00-3:50p) WEIL 270 Section 3284 Office Hrs: M & F 7 th Period (1:55-2:45p) W 5 th Period (11:45-12:35p) Course Description: This course deals with the design of mechanical components that are found in mechanical systems, e.g. shafts, fasteners, bearings, springs, gears, brakes, clutches, couplings. From Catalog: design process, kinematics, gear trains, and standard mechanical components . Course Objectives: At the end of the course, the student should Understand the importance of proper design Be able to determine stresses and deflections of mechanical elements Be able to design elements to avoid failure from static and dynamic loading Be able to design or select standard mechanical elements Have familiarity with the synthesis and analysis in mechanical design. Prerequisites: EML2023 & EGM3520 Important Dates: Aug 22 First Class Sep 5 Labor Day (no class) Sep 19 Exam 1- (Time E2-E3, Location TBD) Oct 10 Exam 2- (Time E2-E3, Location TBD)
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EML-3005 Syllabus - EML 3005 Mechanical Design Mechanical...

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