Rules - Student Guidelines General Information Lab Homepage:

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Unformatted text preview: Student Guidelines General Information Lab Homepage: labs/phylabs.htm E-Learning Homepage (prelab assessments): Lab manual for PHY2004L, PHY2048L, and PHY2053L: Robert DeSerio, University of Florida Introductory Physics Experiments I Lab manual for PHY2005L, PHY2049L, and PHY2054L: Robert DeSerio, University of Florida Introductory Physics Experiments II Supervisor, primary contact for make-ups: Mr. Charles Parks Room 1227A NPB Phone: 392-0516 email: Director, alternate contact for make-ups: Dr. Robert DeSerio Room 1236 NPB Phone: 392-1690 email: (Do not use email for make-up requests.) My instructor: My seat number: Welcome Physics is an experimental science. In situa- tions where several physical theories complete for acceptance, the choice goes to the theory that best explains experiments. In this class you will learn some fundamental aspects of ex- perimental physics. You will Observe physical phenomena in more de- tail than can be done in lecture. Learn about scientific equipment by using it. Practice data analysis by seeing how ex- perimental physics relates data to the the- ory associated with the phenomena. Unlike most colleges and universities where physics labs are incorporated into the lecture, UF has the laboratory as a separate course. Even though this is only a one hour credit course, it should be taken seriously. Extra ef- fort spent in preparing for lab will help in your lecture grade as well as your lab grade. We have set aside a room to help you pre- pare for labs. In Room 1215 we have informal Help Sessions , where you can practice with your experimental apparatus. Usually a lab instructor is assigned to work in the Help Ses- sion to help you with your preparation. Check the schedule and see if you can attend the Help Session monitored by your instructor. In any case, feel free to attend any Help Session. 1 2 Introductory Physics Laboratory We welcome suggestions and criticisms about the labs. Please use the evaluation form that follows the Guidelines if you choose. You can also address your comments directly to Mr. Parks or Dr. DeSerio. Of course, the qual- ity of your educational experience will depend on your attitude and effort. Lab Manual The lab manual is specially tailored for our labs. You must purchase a new lab manual as the manual is updated each semester. The labs are arranged in the lab manual by their two letter code. The lab schedule is different from the order in the lab manual. Several Laboratory Schedules appear near the front of the manual. Make sure that you fol- low the schedule for your course. You should keep the schedule for your lab and discard the others....
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Rules - Student Guidelines General Information Lab Homepage:

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