Syllabus - PHY2048 Spring 2009 January 2, 2009 PHY2048...

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PHY2048 Spring 2009 January 2, 2009 PHY2048 Syllabus - Physics I with Calculus Spring 2009 Instructors: Prof. Peter Hirschfeld – Ph. 392-8749, email: , Office: NPB 2165. Prof. Katia Matcheva – Ph. 392-0286, email: , Office: NPB 2073. Office hours are posted on course website. Only e-mails to will receive a response. E-mail to the instructor’s direct accounts will be ignored. Textbook: Pay careful attention or it will cost you money. The textbook for the course is Fundamentals of Physics , 8 th Edtion ., by: Halliday, Resnick, Walker, Wiley (2007). This is a relatively new edition of the book. Do NOT run out and buy this until you have read more below (or it will cost you money)! Homework in this course is graded and will count towards your final grade. The homework is done online, using the WileyPLUS system. Access to the online homework system requires a WileyPLUS access code. There are two options for purchasing the textbook/WileyPLUS access code: 1. Purchase Halliday Resnick and Walker Fundamentals of Physics 8/e Parts 1& 2 with Wiley Plus at a local book store. Make sure it says “with WileyPLUS” The ISBN number for this 2 volume set, bundled with the homework system access, is 978-0-470-18216-1. This bundle of the text and WileyPLUS is unique to the University of Florida. If you purchase the textbook elsewhere it will not come with the access code and it will cost you more (approximately double) to buy the access code separately. DO NOT THROW OUT THE CARD THAT IS PACKAGED WITH THE BOOK. IT CONTAINS THE CODE THAT YOU WILL NEED TO ACCESS THE ONLINE HOMEWORK. IF YOU THROW THIS OUT YOU WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE A NEW ACCESS CODE AT A STEEP COST TO YOU! KEEP IT IN A SAFE PLACE FOR THE ENTIRE SEMESTER. Used books do not come with an access code and buying the WileyPLUS access code separately is the same price as the new books so, unfortunately, it will not save you money to purchase used books. 2. You can purchase an online only version of the text containing the WileyPLUS access code at This contains the access code and the online book parts 1-4 for both semesters (PHY2048/2049) at the same cost as purchasing the hardcopy book (Parts 1 and 2) for only one semester (PHY2048); however, you do not get a paper copy of the book, and what you are buying is a license to the site for 18 months after which period you may no longer have access. 3. There is a direct-to-Student website for PHY 2048 at
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PHY2048 Spring 2009 January 2, 2009 Department of Physics Page 2 of 8 Univeraity of Florida where you can purchase access to WileyPLUS for $60 (same price as the textbook plus access code). This is for students who did not get an access code to WileyPLUS with their textbook. What do the instructors recommend?
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Syllabus - PHY2048 Spring 2009 January 2, 2009 PHY2048...

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