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assignment no 1 2009 - EML 6417 Solar Utilization...

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EML 6417 Solar Utilization Assignment No. 1 Due August 31, 2009 According to the Arizona Solar Center, domestic hot water is the second largest energy consumer in American households. A typical 80 gallon (300L) electric water heater serving a family of four will consume approximately 150 million btus in its 7 year lifetime. This will cost approximately $3,600 at $0.08/kWh. The Means estimating guide indicates that the installed cost of a solar closed loop, domestic water heating system costs $4600 in 2005$. This system uses 42 sq. ft. of collector area. The ASC would recommend 55 square feet for a family of four in the southeast but let’s go with the 42 sq.ft. system for now and assume it will serve our family of four. An 80 gallon (recommended for a family of four) electric water heater installed would cost $850 (2009$). The electrical work to connect the electric water heater in a new installation would cost about $150. The solar system electrical connections would cost about $220. Let’s neglect any design or permitting costs and just work with the installed costs.
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