4930 syllabus - EML 6417 and EML 4930 Solar Utilization 1 2...

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Solar Utilization 1. Catalog Description : Credits: 3, Solar Utilization 2. Course prerequisites and co-requisites : none 3. Course Objectives : 4. Contribution of course to meeting the professional component (ABET only):N/A 5. Relationship of course to program outcomes (ABET only) N/A 6. Instructor: Herbert A. Ingley, PhD, PE a. Office location: 228 , MAEB Building b. Telephone: 352-392-9929 (home: 377-0078, cell: 284-0997) c. E-mail address: [email protected] d. Web site: www.mae.ufl.edu/ingley/eml6417 e. Office hours: Monday and Wednesday from 10:45AM until 1:30PM 2. Teaching Assistant N/A a. Office location b. Telephone c. E-mail address d. Office hours 3. Meeting Times: M,W,F, 10 th period, 5:10PM – 6:00PM 4. Class/laboratory schedule , N/A 5. Meeting Location : NEB 102 6. Material and Supply Fees : N/A 7. Textbooks and Software Required : Principles of Solar Engineering, 2 nd ed., Goswami, Kreith and Kreider, Taylor and Francis, New York,NY, 2000. 8. Recommended Reading 9. Course Outline Week of Topic Reading Assign. Comments Classes begin August 24 Course Introduction Skills: Cost Estimating and Life Cycle Costing Means Estimating Guide, class notes Review chapter 12 but rely on class notes for homework assignments August 31 Continue LCC Availability of Solar Energy Estimating Terrestrial Solar Radiation, Models Chapters 1 and 2 Assign paper
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4930 syllabus - EML 6417 and EML 4930 Solar Utilization 1 2...

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