exam 1 2009 review

exam 1 2009 review - Given a mechanical efficiency for the...

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Exam 1 Review Next Tuesday night in the Florida Gym. See the web for details. Two exams, one for EML 4930 and one for EML 6417. We’ll divide up the room….try to sit on the left side as you face the blackboard if you are EML 4930 and on the right side if you are EML 6417. Bring power cords and power strips to share. Open notes, books and computers. Covers up through duct sizing. Multipart question: Data for a collector will be given. A flow diagram for a collector bank connected to a storage tank will be given. Several collectors will be connected in parallel. You’ll need to estimate the efficiency of the collector from the data given, you can use your spreadsheet. Email a copy to me during the exam. Don’t forget to put your name on the spread sheet. Estimate the leaving water temperature for the collector bank. Size the main supply and return piping to the collector bank.
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Estimate the total head loss for the system.
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Unformatted text preview: Given a mechanical efficiency for the pump, estimate a brakehorse power requirement for the pump. Given some data for a building being served by the solar system (heat losses to sum up to get a heating requirement for the building, supply air temperature and room conditions) estimate the flow rate for the main heating hot water piping to the heating coil in the building air handling unit. Given data on the HHW loop and a pump mechanical efficiency, estimate the brakehorsepower needed for the HHW pump. One question on solar concentrating collectors…probably estimate of the stagnation temperature for a given concentration ratio. Tied in with this will be a LCCA analysis. For the grad students, an extra question would be to discuss the trend of a particular property of a FPC as a function of another property and explain why this trend is observed....
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exam 1 2009 review - Given a mechanical efficiency for the...

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