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Final Exam EML 3100, section 7259 Thermodynamics December 16, 2008 Two hours, open book/notes. Name___________________ UFID_________________ Problem 1 (50). A steam power plant is based on the Rankine cycle. Saturated liquid water at 20 °C (State 1) is pumped to 5000 kPa isentropically (State 2). The pressurized water is vaporized and superheated at constant pressure to 800 °C (State 3), after which it expands in a turbine to a State 4 quality of 90%. The constant pressure condensation process 4-1 completes the cycle. a) Fill in the blanks in the state property table below State: T, °C p, kPa x (if appl.) s, kJ/kgK h, kJ/kg 1 2 3 4 b) Find the turbine efficiency. c) Find the irreversibility for each of the four processes, assuming an ambient temperature of 15 °C. Which process has the largest irreversibility?
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 2 (50). A recuperated (regenerated) Brayton cycle system is shown in the figure below. The following data are provided: T 1 = 300K p 1 =1 atm T 4 =1200K p 2 =4 atm η c =80% η T =85% C p =1.005 kJ/kgK for the cold section (States 1 to 3); C p =1.100 kJ/kgK for the hot section (States 3 to 6); air treated as thermally perfect a) For the recuperated cycle shown, find the cycle efficiency and specific work. Treat the Recuperator as ideal, which means that T 3 =T 5 and T 6 =T 2 . b) Without the Recuperator, State 3 is the same as State 2, State 6 is the same as State 5. For that case, find the cycle efficiency and specific work. Comp Turb Combustor Recuperator 1 2 3 4 5 6...
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