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Homeworks - what we are doing today A lot of the stuff I...

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Lance Goettsch Agron 210 Professor Burras 9/1/10 Assignment 1 In the year 2040 I hope to be working for Liqui Grow. I want to be working at their research facility in Walcott Iowa where I spent this summer working as an intern. I should have enough knowledge to be running the research facility and become the head agronomist for Twin States, the parent company of Liqui Grow, by this time in my career. The research we will be doing in the future will be much different from
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Unformatted text preview: what we are doing today. A lot of the stuff I will be dealing with is probably unimaginable right now. My first guess is we will be running trials on new types of “Round-Up Ready” types of plants, but 30 years from now is hard to predict. I will keep up to date with my education and research by comparing my results with the universities’ results and keeping in contact with other researchers working on similar projects....
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