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bio 322 extra credit

bio 322 extra credit - Hopefully you agree with me First...

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BIO 322 Yueming Guo ID 909242612 December 12, 2009 World AIDS Day December 1 is World AIDS Day, which is the World Health Organization in January 1988 determined. Establishment of a World AIDS Day aims to raise public awareness of the dangers of AIDS. On this day, the World Health Organization and national health agencies should carry out various forms of activities in the global fight against AIDS within the framework of public education to curb the spread of AIDS and spread. There is a public activity about preventing ADIS in our university. I think that this kind of knowledge should be spread wildly and everybody should know this common sense. During this activity, I learn lots of valuable things. Here are some suggestions about how to avoid ADIS.
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Unformatted text preview: Hopefully, you agree with me. First, use latex condoms, and remember take some with you as often as possible in case of need. For protected sexual intercourse will bring you a lot of chances of getting HIV or AIDS. Second, keep away from the drugs. According to research, people who take drugs often get infected by contaminated needles through intravenous injection. Finally, don't expect or seek "one night stand" which now is a commonplace in bars or through online-to-real appointment. Persons who engage in “one-night stand” don't know each other and normally don't expect to maintain a long-term relationship. That's why I mentioned before that sexual promiscuity is one of the main causes for the rampant spread of HIV or AIDS....
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