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Dr. Lisa Takeyama San Francisco State University Office/Phone/email: HSS 148/338–2499/takeyama@sfsu.edu Spring 2011 Office Hours: Tuesday 11:30-12:30 and Wednesday 6:15–7:00 pm Economics 101 Introduction to Microeconomics This course is designed to provide you with a foundation in fundamental microeconomic concepts. Unlike macroeconomics, which involves the study of the economy as a whole (e.g., GDP, inflation, unemployment, economic growth), microeconomics involves the study of individual economic units with a focus on the economic decision–making by households and firms and the markets in which those decisions become coordinated. Some of the questions microeconomics can help answer include, for example, what determines the price of gasoline and why has it been skyrocketing lately? How does the minimum wage affect teenage unemployment? Why is free trade so controversial? Why did the government bring charges against Microsoft? Why do some firms charge different consumers different prices for the same product? How can the government create incentives for firms to reduce pollution? Every day, politicians and “experts” present claims, predictions and policy proposals related to microeconomic issues. Economics 101 will provide you with a basic tool kit for understanding these microeconomic issues and help you to assess intelligently the merits and demerits of the many policy proposals you will hear. This is the primary goal of the course. Readings: The required text for the course is by N. Gregory Principles of Microeconomics, 5th edition Mankiw. An optional, although highly recommended, Study Guide is available as well. You will also be required to obtain a subscription to Aplia, which is an online study aid and homework site. If you purchase your textbook from the bookstore, it will already come bundled with the Aplia subscription – you will not need to purchase anything additional for Aplia (be sure not to throw away the Aplia card that comes with your textbook). Alternatively, you may also purchase a subscription to Aplia only, which includes an online electronic–only version of the textbook. These individual Aplia cards may be purchased from the bookstore, or you may purchase your Aplia/e–book subscription online directly from Aplia at: www.aplia.com . You are expected to complete the assigned readings prior to the corresponding lecture. Classroom Exercises:
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101_03_Syllabus_S11 - Dr. Lisa Takeyama Office/Phone/email:...

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