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Biology 100 (02) - Human Biology Answer Key for EXAM #2 Spring 2010 1. sucrose 2. it has the maximum number of hydrogens possible 3. monounsaturated fats 4. This is false. 5. monounsaturated fat/saturated fat 6. is made by certain cells in the body 7. HDL 8. trans fats 9. hardening of the arteries 10. sickle cell anemia 11. angioplasty 12. soybean 13. amino acids 14. more than one of the above is correct 15. are the amino acids which we must get in our diet. 16. an enzyme 17. A 18. They will turn white. 19. hemoglobin 20. stores energy. 21. cytoskeleton 22. Carbohydrates associate with proteins and lipids on the side of the membrane facing the cytoplasm. 23. ribosome, inside the rough ER, Golgi apparatus, cell membrane
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Unformatted text preview: 24. nucleus 25. mitochondrion 26. nucleolus 27. Golgi complex 28. 14 29. anaphase 30. metaphase and prophase 31. Until the Obama administration, embryonic stem cell research was illegal. 32. spindle fibers are involved in the precise separation of the chromosomes. 331. bases 34. 30% will be adenine 35. the physical shape of the DNA molecule from X-ray diffraction evidence. 36. hydrogen bonds 37. uracil 38. RNA is used to make protein 39. genetic code 40. to make the crop safer for people with allergies to that food APPROXIMATE GRADE RANGES 90 100% A, A-80 89 B+, B, B-65 79 C+, C, C-55 64 D 0 54 F...
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100_exam_2_key - 24. nucleus 25. mitochondrion 26....

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