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100_exam_3_key - 23 prevents the bacterial cell from making...

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Biology 100 (02) - Human Biology Answer Key for EXAM #3 Spring 2010 11. It should have the same phenotypic effect whether it is in a homozygote or heterozygote. 21. recessive 3. G and g 4. 3/4 5. phenylketonuria (PKU) 6. hemophilia 7. cystic fibrosis 8. Aa 9. The sex chromosomes are found not only in cells in the reproductive organs, but also in skin cells, liver cells, white blood cells, etc. 10. female 11. both Jim and Tom are possible fathers 12. incompletely dominant 131. the poison increases the fitness of those individuals that already carry resistant genes 114. contribution to the gene pool of the next generation 15. the lion that leaves the most descendants 16. more distantly related 17. An individual develops certain traits over the course of its lifetime in order to adapt to stress. 18. the size of the bird 19. bacteria 20. all of the above are correct 21. This is true. 221. bacterial cells have no nuclear membrane
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Unformatted text preview: 23. prevents the bacterial cell from making a cell wall 241. pathogen 25. nucleic acid 26. their metabolic machinery is borrowed from the host cell 27. This is true. 28. The flu shot is different each year because the infectious agent undergoes frequent mutation. 29. budding of new viral particles 30. It helps in the digestion of fats. 31. the fecal-oral route 32. Some of those infected are long-term chronic carriers. 33. Asians and Pacific Islanders 34. The majority of those infected with hepatitis C have no symptoms. 35. infectious agents which seem to have no genetic material 36. prion 37. Macrophages engulf the invading agent in the affected tissue. 38. red blood cell 39. Mast cells are phagocytic cells. 401. Histamine causes the blood vessels to constrict (get smaller). APPROXIMATE GRADE RANGES 90 – 100% A, A-80 – 89 B+, B, B-65 – 79 C+, C, C-55 – 64 D 0 – 54 F...
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100_exam_3_key - 23 prevents the bacterial cell from making...

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