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Biology 100 – Human Biology Spring 2010 1 REVIEW SHEET FOR NEW MATERIAL ON FINAL EXAM (Part 1) Final Exam: Wednesday, May 19, from 8:00 - 10:30 am ( Be on time ... for Part I of the exam, I will let you discuss your answers with those sitting around you! Part I will be collected at 8:40 am; Part II of the exam will be a traditional exam on which you will work independently.) Final Exam format: 80 multiple choice questions (approx. 50% of them on new material, approx. 50% of them on old material from the three midterms) - Bring a Zeus form and a pencil. Besides material from lecture, know the following specific textbook pages: p. 291 (autoimmune diseases), p. 303 & pp. 309-310 (Gardasil vaccine, HPV, genital warts, and cervical cancer), pp. 310-316 (HIV and AIDS), p. 391 including Fig. 16.7 (sex hormones, steroid abuse), p. 448 (endocrine disruptors), and pp. 453-459 (birth control options). 1. What distinguishes the immune system from other defense systems? What are the two branches of the immune response? Where is the immune system located in the body? (By the way, why do some people have to have their appendix removed, and what might happen if they do not have it taken out when necessary?) 2. What is an antigen? What is an antibody? What is an allergen? 3. Where are B lymphocytes formed? Where in the body are they located when they become antigenically committed? What molecule acts as the B cell receptor? To what does this receptor bind? 4.
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100_review_final_exam_part_1 - Biology 100 Human Biology...

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