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Unformatted text preview: FINANCE 351 PROJECT October 4, 2010 1 Evaluation The project is due on December 7th, 2010 . Any project turned in after December 7th will be penalized one full letter grade. No projects will be accepted after the final exam on December 14th, 2010. Turn in one project per group. There exist three main questions to the project. Question 1 is worth 60 points, question 2 is worth 20 points, and question 3 is worth 20 points. Each part in Question I is worth 12 points. Each part in Question II is worth 10 points. Each part in Question III is worth 10 points. Each part is connected, however, the grade for each part is not dependent on answering the previous part correctly. The group will still receive full credit if a group uses the wrong numbers from the previous part but uses the correct analysis. Therefore, it is important to show all work to receive full credit. The groups are required to use Excel since Excel is the software used in most businesses. See the end of the document for project printing instructions. Summary • Question 1: Each part is worth 12 points, total 60. • Question 2: Each part is worth 10 points, total 20. • Question 2: Each part is worth 10 points, total 20. 1 2 Instructions Each group will turn in 1 project. You may come to my office hours or email me if the instructions are unclear or you need help navigating Excel and/or the web. Please visit ilearn to view a template and project examples. Question I You are a financial analyst working for IBM. One of the executives wants your group to evaluate a potential new investment. Your assignment is to determine whether the project is a good investment by answering the following five parts. The financial predictions for an expansion project are; • Plant and Equipment is $1 million. • Non-depreciable Land is $500,000. • Investment in working capital is $400,000 • Straight-line depreciation is over a five-year period with zero salvage value....
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Project_Instructions_9.22.10[1] - FINANCE 351 PROJECT...

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