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FIN355-1_Syllabus_Fall_2010[1] - SAN FRANCISCO STATE...

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Page 1 of 5 SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS FIN 355-1: Investments Fall 2010 INSTRUCTOR: Shuming Liu OFFICE: SCI 330 PHONE: 338-6289 EMAIL: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: T 9am – 11am, 3:30pm – 4:30pm TH 10am – 11am Classroom: BUS 213 Meeting Time: TTH 11am – 12:15pm Required Text Fundamentals of Investments, Valuation and Management Authors: Bradford D. Jordan and Thomas W. Miller, Jr. Editors: McGraw-Hill. Irwin. 5 th Edition Course Description and Objectives Finance 355 is an introductory investment course which will provide a basis for making investment decisions. The course is intended for those students who want to become an investment professional or those who want to be a wise individual investor. It should enable the students to recognize what to avoid as well as investment opportunities. Students who are interested in performing security analysis and portfolio management or seeking accreditation as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) will find this course a good first step towards achieving these career goals. Prerequisites Completion of FIN 350 with a grade of C- or better is required to enroll in this course. If you do not satisfy this requirement, please drop the course as soon as possible. Class Web Page I use iLearn to post lecture notes, homework assignments and solutions, quiz and exam scores, and other important information and announcements. Please check this website frequently. https://ilearn.sfsu.edu/login/index.php Course Evaluation Quizzes There will be three in-class quizzes. The quizzes will be based on lecture notes, in-class exercises, homework problems, and materials from the textbook. The quizzes are in the form of multiple choice questions, consisting of a mix of conceptual questions and numerical problems. All quizzes are closed-book, closed-note. Your highest two quiz scores will be counted toward your final grade. There are no makeup or in-advance quizzes. If a student missed a quiz, he
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Page 2 of 5 or she would receive zero for this quiz. You need to bring pencils, a financial calculator, and a scantron (form No. 882-ES, green color) to the quiz session. Final Exam The final exam is closed-book, closed-note, CUMULATIVE and covers all the materials taught in the semester. There are no makeup or in-advance exams. You need to bring pencils, a financial calculator, and a scantron (form No. 882-ES, green color) to the exam session. In-Class Exercises There will be eight in-class exercises which cover important topics discussed in on-going class period. In-class exercises are designed to help you better understand the materials lectured and prepare for the quizzes and the final exam. The exercises are open-book, open-notes. And you may discuss with others when doing these exercises in class.
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FIN355-1_Syllabus_Fall_2010[1] - SAN FRANCISCO STATE...

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