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Principles of California Real Estate Chapter 4 Quiz 1. A subcontractor installed hardwood floors in a new home, but the owner refused to pay for the work. If the contractor filed a mechanic's lien, the date of the lien would be: A. the date work on the house was begun B. the date the house was completed C. the date work on the floor began D. the date work on the floor was completed 2. Which of the following statements about easements is incorrect? A. An easement in gross burdens one parcel of land for the benefit of another parcel of land B. A property owner may not have an easement across her own land C. An easement is a nonpossessory interest D. A landowner may be restricted in the use of his own land by another person's easement in gross 3. A lis pendens: A. does not affect title to real property belonging to a person who is not a party to a lawsuit B. may be recorded in relation to any type of lawsuit C. may make it difficult to convey title to property, depending on the outcome of a lawsuit D. may be removed from the recorder's office records only by court order 4. An easement may be terminated by all of the following, except: A. Merger of the dominant and servient tenements
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CA_Principles_Chapter_04_Quiz - Principles of California...

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