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Principles of California Real Estate Chapter 5 Quiz 1. A zoning action changed the zoning of an area from commercial to residential. This change in zoning classification would be known as: A. combining zones B. spot zoning C. split zoning D. downzoning 2. Land use controls, master planning, and zoning are important examples of: A. police power B. eminent domain C. deed restrictions D. All of the above 3. Enforcement of sanitation requirements for the disposal of sewage in a new subdivision would be the responsibility of the: A. city or county public health officer B. building inspector C. public works director D. Real Estate Commissioner 4. Which of the following is an example of police power? A. A condemnation proceeding on property where the state intends to build a freeway B. Zoning laws that limit and restrict the use made of land C. Adjudication of conflicting claims by a court of equity D. Creation of restrictive covenants by a subdivider 5. The housing and construction industry in California is regulated through: A. the state Housing Law, local building codes, and state Real Estate Law B. the state Health and Safety Code, state Housing Law, and state Real Estate Law
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CA_Principles_Chapter_05_Quiz - Principles of California...

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