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Principles of California Real Estate Chapter 11 Quiz 1. The calculation of effective gross income reflects: A. depreciation B. vacancies and collection losses C. repairs and operating costs D. taxes 2. Which of the following causes the greatest loss of property value? A. Wear and tear B. Obsolescence C. Lack of proper maintenance D. Physical deterioration 3. The principle of substitution may be applied to which of the following appraisal methods? A. Cost approach B. Sales comparison approach C. Income approach D. All of the above 4. What appraisal method should be used to determine the value of a restaurant building? A. Sales comparison B. Market data C. Cost D. Income 5. To measure accrued depreciation most accurately, an appraiser should use: A. direct methods B. indirect methods C. the straight-line method D. the engineering method 6. With real estate appraisals, it is important to differentiate between the purpose of an appraisal and: A. the appraisal process overall B. appraisal principles
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CA_Principles_Chapter_11_Quiz - Principles of California...

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