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Finance_536_Fall_2010_Syllabus[1] - San Francisco State...

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San Francisco State University Finance 536: International Finance Fall 2010 Instructor: Mr. Ming Li Office: SCI 351 Phone: 415-338-7474 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: W 2-4(SCI 351), Th 4:30-6:30(DTC) Prerequisites: A grade of C- or better in Fin 350; IBUS 330 and ISYS 263 or pass computer information systems proficiency test. Course description and objectives: International financial environment and corporate financial management. Topics include balance of payment, foreign exchange markets, international parity conditions, foreign exchange risk management and international financial markets. Traditional corporate finance functions such as investing decision, financing decision, and cost of capital are addressed in the international context. The objective is to obtain a basic understanding of the workings of international financial markets, the currency risk in international investing, and management of exchange risk exposure. Course materials: Required Textbook: Eiteman, Stonehill, and Moffett, Multinational Business Finance, Addison Wesley, 12th edition. In addition to the text, following sources provide extensive information on current issues of international trade and finance: The Wall Street Journal , The Economist and Financial Times . A financial calculator is also required. Class website: Our class website for course agenda, documents, exercises and announcements is http://ilearn.sfsu.edu/ Use your SFSU id and password to access them. Homework There will be weekly homework assignments. You are not required to turn in your homework. Solutions will be posted on the course web site. In general, homework exercises require critical thinking and quantitative skills. Homework exercises are extremely helpful to your understanding of course materials. You shall prepare yourself for the final exam by working on these problems. To help improve your problem-solving skills, I will discuss homework problems as well as additional exercises regularly in class throughout the course.
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Exam There will be one final examination only. It is cumulative. Please note the exam date in the course schedule. The examination will contain multiple-choice and essay questions. For the exam you will be allowed to bring in a calculator, and an 8½ by 11 sheet of paper on which you can write, type, or copy anything that you like (yes you can write on both sides!) I suggest that you use the paper sheet for economic and financial formulas. No other materials may be used during the exam. You will need a SCANTRON form No. 882-ES for the examination. It is available in
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Finance_536_Fall_2010_Syllabus[1] - San Francisco State...

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