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SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS FIN 353-1: FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Summer 2010 INSTRUCTOR: Todd Feldman OFFICE: SCI 347 EMAIL: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: T TH 5:00pm – 6:00pm Classroom: BUS 217 Meeting Time: T TH 6:00pm – 10:00pm Required Text Financial Markets and Institutions (6th Edition) Authors: Frederic S. Mishkin and Stanley G. Eakins (Author) Editor: Pearson. 6 th Edition Course Description and Objectives The course will focus on current issues faced by financial institutions, including the impact of changing competition and regulation in the financial services industry. In essence, the course aims to provide students with an understanding of: Various financial markets and institutions, their structure, functions, and regulations; Risks encountered by financial institutions and risk management strategies needed for an effective management; Monetary control by the monetary authority and its impact on financial markets and institutions; Some current issues confronted by financial institutions and the financial reforms needed. Prerequisites : FIN 350 (C- or better). Method of Instruction: Lecture, discussion and problem solving. Class Web Page I use iLearn to post lecture notes, homework assignments and solutions, quiz and exam scores, and other important information and announcements. ALL IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS will be posted on ilearn. If you do not come to class you can still view ilearn announcements to learn about updates and changes, such as material to be covered on the exam, exam dates changes, class cancellations, etc. Please check this website frequently. It is possible that material to be covered on the exams can change. Therefore, do not blindly follow the syllabus as the pace of the class determines what will be on the exams. If you do not come to class and do not read the ilearn announcements you are still responsible for any changes even if you follow the syllabus.
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Course Evaluation Quiz There will be three quizzes. The quizzes will be based on lecture notes, in-class exercises, homework problems, and materials from the textbook. The quizzes are in the form of multiple choice questions, consisting of a mix of conceptual questions and numerical problems. All quizzes are closed-book, closed-note. Your highest two quiz scores will be counted toward your final grade. There are no makeup or in-advance quizzes. If a student misses a quiz, he or she will receive zero for this quiz. You need to
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