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Chemistry 14C Lecture 1 Spring 2011 Exam 1 Page 1 Page 1 score = Oleocanthal is one molecule responsible for the 'bite' of olive oil. That oleocanthal and ibuprofen (an anti-inflam- matory drug) both cause a burning sensation at the same place in the throat lead researchers to discover oleocanthal's anti-inflammatory properties. These properties may explain the health benefits derived from consuming olive oil over a lifetime. O O H H HO O O Question 4 Bond A Bond B Bond C Oleocanthal 1. (2) Write oleocanthal's molecular formula (i.e., C 5 H 60 ). 2. (4) List exactly four functional groups present in oleocanthal. 3. (8) Write numbers in the blanks. (a) Oleocanthal has __________ sp 2 atom(s), __________ lone pair(s), and __________ conjugated atom(s). (b) The greatest number of atoms that always lie in the same plane is __________. 4. (2) The best estimate for the C–C–C bond angle indicated on the structure above is (circle one term in each set): A bit less than / almost exactly / a bit more than 90 o 109.5 o 120 o 180 o 5. (2) Circle the letter of the oleocanthal bond with the lowest barrier to rotation: Bond A Bond B Bond C 6. (2) Styrene is colorless, and retinal is orange. O Styrene Retinal Therefore oleocanthal is most likely (circle one): Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Cannot determine 7. (4) 1,3,5,7-Cyclooctatetraene (COT) adopts a nonplanar "tub" conformation in which each C=C is perpendicular to the neighboring C=C: COT (a) Complete this statement by writing no more than five words in the blank. COT adopts this conformation because it reduces or eliminates ________________________________________. (b) COT's lack of planarity prevents (circle all that apply):
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14C_s11_lec01_e01 - Chemistry 14C Lecture 1 Spring 2011...

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