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Stability_of_U.S.__Word (1) - Stability of U.S Stems From...

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Stability of U.S. Stems From Our Court System by Walter Bithell Idaho Statesman, September 16, 2001 The unbelievable events of Tuesday are so staggering and of such far-reaching import, I am taking the liberty of departing from the normal question-and-answer format. For the past several days, I have heard many commentators say our American way of life has been "forever changed." By "forever changed," I understand them to be saying, among other things, that we can expect to give up many of our freedoms in the interest of security. The whole concept of erosion of personal freedom in the name of national security makes me shudder. Freedom is seldom lost in one big sweeping reform. It is taken over seemingly insignificant things a little at a time. For some time I have wanted to publicly respond to questions that are often asked of lawyers that imply we should be limiting access to our courts and that lawyers and judges should be subject to greater control. This is one kind of freedom, we, in this republic, have taken for granted far too long. The protections afforded by our constitutional form of government are only meaningful if our country has independent judges and lawyers.
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