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Chapter 23 Lesson Chap 23 Lesson You are only responsible for learning the information beginning with "Provisions of the NLRA through Sections 8(a)(1) and 8(b)(1): Interference with §7 Rights. It's only about three pages out of the whole chapter. You may skip the cases. Specifically, I want you to understand that the National Labor Relationship Act (NLRA) applies to all employees (except those specifically exempt from the Act), not simply those who have joined or are attempting to form a union. The important provision of the NLRA is found in Section 7, which states in part: Employees shall have the right to … engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of … other mutual aid or protection.”
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Unformatted text preview: Concerted activity means acting together for a common purpose instead of alone for an individuals own protection. Thus, section 7 protection extends to employees who work together to improve their working conditions. This might include using an internal e-mail system to protest a change in company policy. It means an employee has the right to have a co-worker present during any disciplinary proceedings. It might also mean that secrecy policies regarding employees salaries violate the NLRA. An employer who engages in any conduct that interferes with, coecres, or restrains employees in the exercise of their rights under 7 of the NLRA has committed an unfair labor practice....
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