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Intolerant HP Worker was Defiantly Insubordinate By Dan Popkey The Idaho Statesman - April 8, 2001 Last August, I wrote that Hewlett - Packard Co. should have tolerated the intolerance of a 21-year employee who was fired after posting a Scripture condemning gays to death. I was wrong, and I'd like to tell you why. I first thought HP could have accommodated Richard Peterson's views. But now having met the Eagle man and more carefully reviewed the record in his million-dollar federal civil rights case, it's clear to me HP acted within its rights as an employer and that Peterson wanted to fall on his sword and get fired. On Thursday, I attended a hearing before U.S. Magistrate Larry Boyle. I've also read more documents from both sides. What emerges is a picture of a worker who, with growing provocation and insubordination, challenged a policy that a company with 86,000 workers and customers of all stripes considers basic: Diversity and tolerance are good business. In 1998, Peterson decided to attack HP's diversity campaign, which included a poster of a worker printed with the single word "gay." In response, Peterson posted in his cubicle three Bible verses. He was fired only after
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Intolerant_HP_Worker__Word - Intolerant HP Worker was...

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