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Employers taking action on office romances Firms developing policies, contracts to avoid lawsuits By Stuart Silverstein -- Los Angeles Times Excerpted from Idaho Statesman, 9/27/1998 After discovering last spring that two of his executives were involved in an adulterous sexual relationship, the owner of a Los Angeles manufacturing company acted swiftly. But he didn't take the time-honored tack of transferring, rebuking or firing one or both of the lovers. Instead, he asked them to sign a two-page contract - an "informed consent" agreement intended to crimp their ability to sue the company if the relationship turns ugly. Monica Ballard, a Santa Monica, Calif., consultant hired to meet with the two executives and help, them through the legal procedure, called the incident a sign of how the workplace has changed. "In the '50s, people sneaked around and had affairs," she said. "Now they have the CEO and strangers they've never met coming in to chat in a very adult way about their sex life." This is the state of office romance in the late 1990s, an era when sexual harassment and other types of workplace lawsuits have employers running scared. Fading away are the days when many companies and government agencies would look the other way and risk being hit up for sexual harassment damages later. At the same time, other bosses who once would have acted on reflex and forced out someone suspected of having an office affair now are responding more cautiously. Rather than invite invasion-of-privacy or wrongful-termination suits, some organizations
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Love_contracts__Word (2) - Employers taking action on...

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