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Religion is Becoming Rising Source of Tension at Work By Adam Geller The Associated Press The Idaho Statesman January 18, 2003 By the time Carol Grotts arrived for her first day at Brink’s Inc., she’d completed the company’s orientation program and submitted to a background check, then had her fingers pressed into an ink pad. She hadn’t counted on the company’s final question: what size pants did she wear? “Managers said ‘we would never have hired you if we’d known you did not wear pants.’ … But it’s against my religion,” said Grotts, hired as a uniformed guard for an armored car crew at Brink’s Bartonville, Ill., office. “For them to tell me I can’t have the job, I knew that was discrimination.” The disagreement between Brink’s and Grotts, a Pentecostal Christian whose religion forbids women to wear pants, might sound isolated and unique. But her case reflects a steady rise in work-place conflicts over religion, one that predated a surge in anti-Muslim incidents since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Worker complaints of religious discrimination made to the Equal Employment
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Religion_is_Becoming_Rising_Source_of_Tension_at_Work -...

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