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What_Are_They_Probing_For__Word (1) - What Are They Probing...

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What Are They Probing For? Applying for a job? Get ready for a test of your innermost thoughts By Barbara Ehrenreich TIME, ?????, 2000 ONE OF THE GREAT THINGS ABOUT A JOB, AS OPPOSED TO A position as a serf or slave, is that a job is supposed to have definite boundaries. You show up in the morning, do your level best or some reasonable simulation thereof for eight to 10 hours, then you're free to go home and indulge your neurotic proclivities: gorging on Doritos, tormenting small animals, practicing Satanism, whatever. At least that's how things worked before the invention of pre-employment testing. Now that the boss has the tools to get at them, he wants your weekends, your secret self-doubts and--to the extent that you still possess one after trying to fake your way through the tests--your soul. First, there's the pre-employment drug test, now routine at more than 80% of large companies--and not just for the person who will be piloting the executive jet or loading plutonium rods into the reactor. Winn-Dixie tests the people who stack Triscuit boxes; Wal-mart test its people greeters. What a preference for weed over Bud as a Saturday-night relaxation aid says about your work habits has never been
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What_Are_They_Probing_For__Word (1) - What Are They Probing...

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