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Stock issues - don’t change from the present system 4...

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Stock issues : provide means for categorizing arguments to view crucial relationships within a controversy 1. Blame (who caused problem) 2. Ills (problem) 3. Cure (does it solve the problem) 4. Cost (negative effects) There are five stock issues, in this particular order 1. Jurisdiction : determines whether the specific plan advocated by the affirmative falls within the boundaries of the topic 2. Blame : Determines whether the present system is responsible for problems that are occurring or will occur 3. Ills : significant harms occurring or likely that block the resolution to occur if we
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Unformatted text preview: don’t change from the present system 4. Cure : whether undertaking the action called for by the resolution will solve the ills 5. Cost : disadvantages associated with undertaking the actions called for by the resolution Cost Benefit analysis: System for determining the precise costs and benefits of competing solutions to problems within a system --- Only if the benefits outweigh the costs, the affirmatives action is worth taking...
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