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The Doctrine of Temporal parts

The Doctrine of Temporal parts - Enduring says something...

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The Doctrine of Temporal parts Every physical object (x) that “persists” through a period of time (T) is much that for every sub- period of time (t) that is included in (T) there exists an object (xt) that is a “temporal part” of (x) and (xt) does not exist at any time other than t. The persisting thing (x) is the “sum” of “sequence” of its temporal parts. Objects persist by perduring Objects pursist by enduring Perduring : says that one part of the object existed at the moment stated
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Unformatted text preview: Enduring : says something wholly exists at the moment stated Wonderment is probable to the unknown Puzzlement is probable to knowing too much Theory = semantic explanation--- People are natural theory conductors because of the fear of ignorance The world is infinitely viewed in its appearance Understanding comes from seeing how things are fundamentally alike It is possible to say how things are without saying how they really are without lying...
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