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Parmenides (adopted the theory of temporal parts) (p1) For a thing to change is for it to become what it is not (p2) Nothing can become what it is not Therefore, (p3) nothing can change Heraclitus (rejects (Q) in order to resolve the disagreement between he and Parmenides (H1) things move, grow, shrink, etc. (H2) When things grow, move, shrink, etc., a change occurs Therefore, (H3) changes occur (Q) A change occurs just in case a thing changes
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Unformatted text preview: Contradictions only arise if we grant (Q) Nothing has the property of being non existent The statement of “Only changes that occur are when something either goes or comes into existence” undermines (Q). Acceptance of the doctrine of temporal parts is the only way to undermine (Q). What something is and how it is are two different things...
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