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Metaphysics The problem with realism is the problem with trying to establish relation between things. Ex. The barn is red . is = the relation of exemplification What relates the barn to the relation of exemplification and the relation of exemplification to redness? (We don’t know) S: Set of all slots that do without themselves as members --- A set cannot change its members Tropists believe that even if two things seem to be exactly the same, they are different. --- They explain the similarity of things by using similarity Ex. The color of x is just like the color of y
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Unformatted text preview: , which explains why x and y are similar. Tropes are believed to be abstract particulars. The argument from Abstract Reference (Nominalist view) Red= the set of all thing that were, are, or will be red. Ultimately red isn’t a noun phrase although it appears to be. Nouns that causes problems The phrase “Red is a color” could be replaced with the phrase “Everything that is red is colored.” The first phrase consists of nouns, yet the second phrase does not. This causes a problem with the nominalists view....
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