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Metaphysics Things that are similar share common attributes Ex. Socrates is snub-nosed, so Socrates instantiates snub-nosedness. Realism : Similarity exists in the multiple exemplifications of attributes. (Burden of proof) Tropism : Similarity of ordinary things is grounded in the similarity of their attributes. A trope is a color with properties, rather than a color. Nominalism : Makes fewest assumptions of what exists. This is the most accepted view. The Implausible view has the burden of proof, but does not always mean it’s false. --- The phrase “The barn is red.” does not actually describe a relationship
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Unformatted text preview: between things, but rather it’s just a sentence with four words. It is objectively true that two existing entities are related to each other in some way. Realism Whenever a predicate term ‘f’ can be truly applied to all and only the objects, a, b, c,…, there is a universal, ‘u’ that all and only a, b, c,… exemplify. The predicate ‘f’ serves to pick out ‘u’. Philosopher Wittgenstein introduced the concept of overlapping similarities....
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