Fundamental values - Often favor govt involvement in social...

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Fundamental values Political socialization Liberty vs. order Equality vs. liberty Economic equality Property rights Capitalism ---The right to private property and free trade Equality and Liberty often cause problems because they contradict one another How much power should the American govt. have and what role should it play in the lives of citizens? Gulf oil spill and cleanup Mining safety regulations Recalls Taxes National security policies What is ideology? (Collection of ideas) What are the differences between liberals and conservatives? Conservatives tend to want to stay with status quo, Liberals tend to want change Conservatives : favor limited govt. involved in economy
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Unformatted text preview: Often favor govt. involvement in social issues to preserve traditional values Liberals: favor limited govt. involvement in social issues, favor govt. regulation of economy to benefit society What is som? What is libertarianism?-Active govt. control of major economic sectors -Almost no regulation of economy Conservatism libertarianism-Positive govt. action to support capitalism -positive govt. action in economy Classical liberalism Once meant limited govt. and no religion in politics Liberal evolved into its modern American meaning to mean Democratic Party or liberal of social issue Liberalism once meant individualism or freedom...
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Fundamental values - Often favor govt involvement in social...

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