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Fallacy : generic term used to indicate an error or weakness in an argument or an individual’s reasoning Four sources for fallacy 1. Data 2. Warrant (reasoning process) 3. Conclusion 4. Language Fallacy of division : assumes what is true of the whole is also true of the separate parts Fallacy of composition : a source that is true of the separate parts is also true of the whole Stereotyping is used in both ways Ad-hominem : Use of personal attacks to divert attention away from the substance of the controversy
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Unformatted text preview: Ad- populum : an appeal to popularity rather than sound reasoning Ad-misericordiam : an argument based on an appeal to sympathy or pitty rather than sound reasoning Non-sequitur : conclusion to an argument does not follow from the data Ad-verecundiam : argument based on appeal to authority rather than sound reasoning Straw man Fallacies : when a person simply ignores another person’s actual position and substitutes a misrepresented version of that position...
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