Assignment-2 - station c cooling required Do not use a pressure above 5,600 Kpa Use cost data provided in class notes Will new compressors be

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ASSIGNMENT 2 CHE 5480 DUE: February 10. Send through e-mail. Include the simulation file and a narrative explaining what was done and how. #Problem 1 (Exercise 1-14 in notes) Consider the shown in the following figure: - The piping is in the ground and is not insulated. Assume a ground temperature of 25 o C and a ground conductivity of 0.7 W/(m o C). The gas elevation profiles are provided in the following table: Km Elevation (m) 0 42 115 7 143 14.93 323 60 550 10 609 120 613 122 630 235 638 470 650 890 - The gas ((1.9% methane, 5% Ethane, 2% propane, 1% n-butane and 0.1% n- pentane) is supplied at the two points indicated in the diagram at 1,367 kPa and 35 o C in the first station (Km 0), and 1520 kPa and 30 o C in the second (Km 143). - Determine using simulations a) Piping diameter, b) Compressors at the supply
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Unformatted text preview: station, c) cooling required. Do not use a pressure above 5,600 Kpa. Use cost data provided in class notes. - Will new compressors be needed/beneficial? #Problem 2 Set up a GAMS model to solve the same problem using the model by Edgar, Himmelblau and Bickel. Compare results with the previous problem #Problem 3: Sarah Scribner and Gregory Steelhammer: You are responsible for a report on pressure drop equations unifying report. Coordinate with me its format. Supply: 10,407,840 m3/d 2,148,200 m3/d Supply: 5,722,000 m3/d 18,240 m3/d 6,595,200 m3/d 134,400 m3/d 64,600 m3/d Km 0 115 143 323 550 609 630 Km 650 2,832,000 m3/d 613 638 3,617,400 m3/d 384,000 m3/d 336,,000 m3/d...
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