Exercise 1 (Microscopy)

Exercise 1 (Microscopy) - Fine Adjustment: slowly brings...

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Exercise 1 (Microscopy) Microscopy Brightfield: Light passes directly through the specimen into the objective lens and up to the ocular lens to produce the image. The background appears white and any color of specimen or stain used distinguished the specimen from the background. Phase-constrast: Enhances contrasts of transparent and colorless objects by influencing the optical path of light. Able to show denser components without staining. Light source: provides light Condenser (Abbe): controls intensity of light Iris Diaphragm: controls amount of light that reaches the specimen Revolving Nosepiece: holds objective lens and rotates them into position Ocular Lens: magnifies the image Objective Lens: further magnifies the image Total Magnification: ocular lens (10x) X objective lens (4x, 10x, 40x, 100x) Stage: holds specimen Coarse Adjustment: rapidly brings specimen into focus
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Unformatted text preview: Fine Adjustment: slowly brings specimen into focus Mechanical Stage: allows movement of specimen for viewing Resolving Power: distance two objects may be separated from each other and still be distinguishable as separate entities; limiting factor of the compound microscope Working Distance: distance between the objective lens and slide when the lens in is focus; as magnification increases, working distance decreases Depth of Focus: depth of slide layer that is in focus; as magnification increases, depth of focus decreases (but detail increases) Procedure: Each student will view three bacterial slides using oil immersion and draw the observed cells in their laboratory manual in the spaces provided at the end of Exercise 1. NOTE: Make sure you properly clean and store your microscope after use....
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