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Name:__________________ Section: Statistics 311 Final Exam 11 December 2007 E:\Stat311\Autumn2007\FinalExamAu07Solutions.doc 1 __________ Please read the following instructions carefully. Do not turn the page and start the exam until you are told to begin. You may have the formula card that comes with the textbook (or a copy of the same). You may also have one sheet (double-sided) of 8.5 x 11 paper with notes (handwritten or typed). You may use a calculator, although be sure to show your work. There are 3 multi-part short answer problems worth a total of 98 points; you get 1 point for your name and 1 point for your quiz section. In addition, there are 5 multiple choice problems and 5 true/false problems. The multiple choice and true/false problems are worth one point each for up to 10 points of extra credit. Point values for each question or part of a question are designated in parentheses at the beginning of the problem. GOOD LUCK!
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* The data set is from exercise 10.64 in Neil Weiss’ Introductory Statistics , 8 th edition, 2008, Pearson Education, Inc. Data are from a paper by Lee and Dunton, M arine Ecology Progress Series , 2000, Vol. 196, pp. 39-48. 2 Problem 1 (6+10+4+6): Researchers of the Marine Science Institute of the University of Texas at Austin noticed a difference in the seagrass beds in Corpus Christi Bay (CCB) versus those in Lower Laguna Madre (LLM). Researchers know that ammonium is essential to seagrass growth. As such, they decided to compare sediment (pore water) ammonium concentrations (in M µ ) at the two locations. Summary statistics based on collected samples are given below * . CCB CCB CCB LLM LLM LLM 115 1 79 4 51 24 3 10 5 19 x. s . n s. n == = = a) Write down the null and alternative hypotheses to test whether, on average, ammonium concentrations at CCB are greater than those at LLM. Be sure to appropriate label your parameters. 01 : or = 0 versus : or 0 CCB LLM CCB LLM CCB LLM CCB LLM HH µµ =− >− > b) Construct the appropriate test statistic for your test in part a) using an un-pooled procedure. () 2 2 0 115 1 24 3 0 90 8 90 8 90 8 798 11 376 6304 36 110 25 123 615 5 803 129 418 51 19 CCB LLM obs CCB LLM CCB LLM xx . . ..
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FinalExamAu07Solutions - Name:_ Statistics 311 Final Exam...

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