quiz___1_answer_and_stats_1 - Quiz # 1, POLSC 333 September...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz # 1, POLSC 333 September 16, 2010 1 Question: What is an institution? How could institutions impact political outcomes in world politics? Give an example of an institution discussed in the readings or discussed in class. 2 Answer: 2.1 Part 1: Institutions are the set of rules that are known and shared by the community, rules of the game, structure political interactions. 2.2 Part 2: Any of the following or a discussion on how institutions are designed by the winners of past interactions: • 1. can determine who plays the game - some actors, by the rules of the game, may not even have a say in the interaction • 2. determines the structure of the interaction - who moves rst • 3. determines which moves are ok - sets standards of behavior • 4. can verify compliance • 5. reduce the costs of joint decision making • 6. resolve disputes 2.3 Part 3: Any of the following or any additional example that is an institution. • language • intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) - United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization • voting rules - democracy, • who makes decisions regarding foreign policy, political economy • informal institutions - norm against slavery, qwerty 1 3 Rubric: 10 = all points there, well written with connections to reading and lecture 9 = all points there 8 = missing or wrong on 1 answer 7 = missing or wrong on 2 answers 6 = missing or wrong on all 3 parts 0 = didn't take quiz average score of students who took quiz = 9.02 2 ...
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quiz___1_answer_and_stats_1 - Quiz # 1, POLSC 333 September...

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