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Unformatted text preview: Review for World Politics, Test 1 The test will be October 5th in class. Covering all prior material, 50 questions multiple choice, 5 extra credit points available. The following terms, ideas, theories, and phenomena are necessary to know for the test. Please remember that your test performance will improve the more you know about each one of these terms. As such, please don't think that just a passing familiarity with these terms will give you an A. Instead, be sure to know how each of these terms was used in the readings and lecture notes. 1. Political science 2. World politics 3. scientic method 4. social science 5. theory and hypothesis 6. quantitative and qualitative evidence 7. INGO 8. actor's preferences 9. states 10. anarchy 11. national interests 12. military interests 13. interactions 14. best responses 15. cooperation (a) *be sure to know more than just denition 16. bargaining 1 (a) *be sure to know more than just denition 17. institutions (a) how institutions impact interactions (b) institutional design (c) why comply 18. Pareto ecient 19. status quo 20. zero-sum game 21. defecting 22. coordination 23. collaboration 24. public goods 25. collective action 26. iteration 27. issue-linkage 28. reversion outcome 29. agenda setting 30. game theory 31. prisoner's dilemma 32. war 33. bargaining model of war 34. interstate war 35. intrastate war 36. conict 37. bargaining space 38. compellence 39. deterrence 40. extended deterrence 2 41. incomplete info 42. incentive to misrepresent 43. indivisible issue 44. audience costs 45. credible commitment 46. credible commitments and civil war 47. unitary actor assumption 48. rally eect 49. wag the dog / diversionary war 50. domestic interests in war 51. alliance 52. democratic peace theory 53. democratization and war 54. spurious correlation 55. democracy 56. types of alliances 57. collective security organizations 58. balance of power 59. entrapment 60. UN Security Council 61. peacekeeping 3 ...
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Review_Test_1_1 - Review for World Politics, Test 1 The...

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