Abstract - Copy - Abstract In this paper we discuss forms...

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Abstract In this paper we discuss forms of migration that are non-permanent. We focus on temporary migrations where the decision to return is taken by the immigrant. These migrations are likely to be frequent, and we provide some evidence for the UK. We then develop a simple model which rationalizes the decision of a migrant to return to his home country, despite a persistently higher wage in the host country. We consider three motives for a temporary migration: Differences in relative prices in host- and home country, complementarities between consumption and the location where consumption takes place, and the possibility of accumulating human capital abroad which enhances the immigrant's earnings potential back home. For the last return motive, we discuss extensions which allow for immigrant heterogeneity, and develop implications for selective in- and out- migration. http://www.econ.ucl.ac.uk/cream/pages/CDP/CDP_02_07.pdf (return migration: theory and empi evidence) http://iussp2009.princeton.edu/download.aspx?submissionId=91483 http://www.jstor.org/stable/pdfplus/2060063.pdf (theory of migration!!! big help) http://family.jrank.org/pages/1170/Migration-Theories-Migration.html (theories of migration. mismo!!!!!) [ edit ] Toward an understanding of migration [ edit ] Types of migrations The cyclic movement which involves commuting,and a seasonal movement, and nomadism . The periodic movement which consists of migrant labor , military service, and pastoral farming Transhumance . The migratory movement that moves from the eastern part of the US to the western part. It also moves from China to southeast Asia, from Europe to North America, and from South America to the middle part of the Americas. Rural exodus , migration from rural areas to the cities [ edit ] Ravenstein's 'laws of migration'
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Certain laws of social science have been proposed to describe human migration. The following was a standard list after Ravenstein's proposals during the time frame of 1834 to 1913. The laws are as follows: 1. every migration flow generates a return or countermigration. 2.
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Abstract - Copy - Abstract In this paper we discuss forms...

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