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Gelinas-Dull_8e_TB_Chapter_09 - Chapter 9Controlling...

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Chapter 9—Controlling Information Systems: Business Process and Application Controls TRUE/FALSE 1. Specifying control goals is the first step in building a control matrix. ANS: T 2. In the control matrix the M stands for present controls. ANS: F 3. A control matrix is a tool that assists in evaluating the control goals and recommended control plans of an information system. ANS: T 4. Control efficiency addresses whether the control goals are being achieved. ANS: F 5. Control effectiveness addresses how individual control plans achieve multiple control goals. ANS: F 6. The purpose of security controls is to ensure that entity resources are protected from loss, destruction, disclosure, copying, sale, or other misuse. ANS: T 7. Control redundancy addresses whether multiple control plans are directed toward the same control goal. ANS: T 8. Input control goals include those to ensure input validity, input completeness and input accuracy. ANS: T 9. The use of the letter P in a control matrix represents a missing control plan. ANS: F 10. The most error-prone and inefficient steps in an operations or information process is master file up- dates. ANS: F 11. A control plan in which a source document is designed to make it easier to prepare the document ini- tially and later to input data from the document is called document design.
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ANS: T 12. Written approval takes the form of a signature or initials on a document to indicate that the proper per- son has authorized the event. ANS: T 13. Online prompting helps guide the online entry of data by defining the acceptable length of each data field and often dictating the acceptable format of certain fields. ANS: F 14. Preformatted screens describes a computer system's asking the user for input or asking questions that the user must answer. ANS: F 15. Programmed edit checks are edits automatically performed by data entry programs upon entry of the input data. ANS: T 16. Another name for a reasonableness check is a credit limit check. ANS: F 17. Dollar totals represent a summarization of any numeric data field within the input document or record. ANS: F 18. The edit that compares calculations performed manually with those performed by the computer to de- termine if a document has been entered correctly is referred to as mathematical accuracy checks. ANS: T 19. A check digit is an extra digit that is added to an identification number to help control the accuracy with which the number is entered into a computer system. ANS: T 20. Confirm input acceptance is a control that helps ensure input completeness by informing the user that the input has been accepted and recorded. ANS: T 21. The control plan called data verification is designed to reduce the possibility that one person will mis- read or mis-key data.
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Gelinas-Dull_8e_TB_Chapter_09 - Chapter 9Controlling...

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