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Outline Meditation speech - Han Zhou Informative Speech...

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Han Zhou Informative Speech Full Outline: 5/25/2011 Thesis: Meditation is very beneficial for an individual’s well-being. Attention Getter: Meditation used to be regarded in the west as an exotic and solely spiritual practice. Recently, due to a more culturally connected world and the influence of celebrities, meditation is now becoming increasingly popular in the west. According to a 2009 CBS news article titled “Get into our Minds Today” by Sean Alfano, the National Institute of Health is funding meditation research at tens of millions of dollars, this was unthinkable 25 years ago.” Today, the practice of meditation serves not only as a spiritual and religious practice, but also as a tool to improve an individual’s well being. Preview: There are three ways in which meditation serve to improve your overall well being. First of all, meditation is very helpful in relieving stress because it can counter a person’s stressful physiological responses and restore our body back to a balanced state. Secondly, meditation can improve an individual’s concentration and performance by changing certain chemicals in our brain associated with cognitive performance. Thirdly, practicing meditation can decrease the risks diseases and deaths from diseases. Transition: First of all, meditation can serve as a stress reliever Body I. Meditation relieves stress by offsetting our body’s “fight or flight” response. A. In general, when meditating one is sitting in a relaxed manner with the legs crossed. Meditation also requires you to have all of your worldly thoughts cleared. The aim of the meditation is to put us into a state of serenity and peace with ourselves. 1. When you do this, meditation becomes efficient in battling stress because it offsets the anxiety caused by your physiological response to stress. According to a 2010 article by Melissa Conrad Stoppler named Meditation May Reduce Stress and Improve Health , when our bodies encounter a sudden stressful event, our bodies respond with a fight or flight response. Our hormones epinephrine
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Outline Meditation speech - Han Zhou Informative Speech...

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