The Goal Write Up - Han Zhou The Goal Write Up The Goal is...

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Han Zhou “The Goal” Write Up “The Goal” is essentially a business process management textbook disguised as a novel. It incorporates elements often seen in a novel with the important elements we need to know in order to run an efficient firm/factory that maximizes profit and efficiency, and there are much valuable methods of logistics to be learned from this novel. The beginning chapters of this book strike us with a fundamental tenet of business that many ignore or overlook. As Jonah puts it: the ultimate goal of a business is to make money , hence the title of this book. Inside businesses one may often look at specific elements without incorporating them into the bigger picture. In the book for example, Alex Rogo initially was struggling to find the answers for his troubles as he was reflecting on the certain parts that need improvements on. Is the goal to improve efficiency? Should he lay people off to save costs, or should he have increased the research and technology quality? He soon learned that he had to do what it takes to make money and not get obsessed with certain quality improvements without benefiting the bigger picture. Anything that gets you to make money is an improvement. I believe that was the foundation philosophy of this book, and everything else involved in a business(in this book and in real life) should be based on this recognition. Further along the book we encounter the issue of bottlenecks. I believe that the book provides a
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The Goal Write Up - Han Zhou The Goal Write Up The Goal is...

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