BMKT 3335 Reading Reaction

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Unformatted text preview: BMKT 3335 Reading Reaction Chapter 6 A system of tools and procedures must be developed to measure the applicants against the predetermined hiring specifications, and also, actually using this system to select the salespeople. One thing to know as well is that, when using a selection tool, management must make certain, that it is complying with all pertinent laws and regulatory guidelines. It then discusses how an application blank, which is an excellent tool for getting information in three major categories of job qualifications, namely, the applicants physical condition, experience, and socioenvironmental information; and the personal interview, are the two most widely used selection tools. The personal interview, is designed to answer four questions regarding the applicant, which are, is the person capable of excelling at this job, how badly does the person want the job, will the job help the person realize his or her goals, and will...
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