Marketing Final - products How can this effort aid the firm’s pricing 7 Why has the marketing channel concept proven so desirable as a means of

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1. Where might a firm find new product ideas? 2. How can marketing research be utilized to enhance the chances of product success after launch? 3. One of the X-L Corporation’s products has been unprofitable for three consecutive quarters. Should the firm drop this product? Discuss. 4. The X-L Corporation believes its product has reached the decline stage of its PLC. What strategies are available for the firm’s use? In the context of the PLC’s most critical limitation, which strategy would you try first? 5. Profit maximization is the traditional rational goal of pricing. What practical limitations limit the firm’s ability and/or willingness to pursue this goal? 6. The X-L Corporation carefully researches the range of expected prices of potential consumers before introducing its new
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Unformatted text preview: products. How can this effort aid the firm’s pricing? 7. Why has the marketing channel concept proven so desirable as a means of delivering products and attendant services? 8. While the X-L Corporation produces mainly highly-desirable products, it has a few offerings that it finds difficult to sell. The firm has considered “package deals” that would require its dealers to buy some of its less popular goods in order to get their better selling items. Should the firm adapt this strategy? 9. Why is location often cited as THE single most important factor in retail success? 10. Why is franchising a key to the future of retailing?...
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