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BMKT 3335 Online  Case Study / Case 1-2 1. What advice should sales manager Ken Sutton give to his company president, Celia Fiorni, in order to improve her plan  and make it successful? Ken Sutton should give to his company president, Celia Fiorni, in order to improve her plan and make it successful, is that she  should implement CRM as part of her plan, since ultimately, customers are the strongest players in a sales team, and since  there have already been complaints by customers over the new website.  This will help make her existing, and new customers  feel appreciated, and the sales reps important.  2. What should Ken Sutton do to make his salespeople more accepting of the new initiative? Sutton should let his sales team know that he has shared the reps feelings with the company president, and that she 
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Unformatted text preview: understands their position, however, this is the plan that the company now chooses to follow by, and that the president herself, will meet with the team to better explain the greater benefits of this new way of selling, and that the proper training and staffing will be addressed to make this , the easiest transition it can possibly be, for everyone. Mr. Sutton should not dictate to his employees, the way the company is going to now run, without taking into consideration the reps position on the move, which is addressing ethical behavior as well, because if not, uncertainty at many levels of the operation, will always exist....
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