Week 3 Reading - vocational schools high schools women minority groups as well as through the internet In this chapter I thought that it was very

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BMKT 3335  Reading Reaction  Chapter 5  Chapter 5 began by discussing the profiling and recruiting salespeople, by way of the management process.  It described how the  sales force selection, should be coordinated with an organization’s strategic marketing and sales force planning, since the sales  force plays a role in implementing these plans.  Then it talked about the five phases in the sales selection, which includes  establishing responsibility for recruiting, selection and assimilation; determining the number of people wanted; conduct job analysis;  prepare job description; and determining hiring qualifications. After these phases are completed, a company must then begin to  recruit applicants for the job. Sources of recruits include competitors, customers, non-competitors, educational institutions, 
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Unformatted text preview: vocational schools, high schools, women, minority groups, as well as through the internet. In this chapter, I thought that it was very important to learn about how women are a cast untapped source with significant positive effect on the bottom line, with regards to sales, and the sales force. It was great to learn that although women account for fifty percent of the labor force, they do not account in several companies for more than 25 percent of the outside sales force. It was also interesting to know that the influx of women, into outside sales force, will continue to increase....
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