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Unformatted text preview: BMKT 3335 Reading Reaction Chapter 10 Chapter 10 begins by discussing sales force quotas and expenses, where a sales quota is defined as a performance goal assigned to a marketing unit for a specific period of time. This chapter also talks about how there are several ways of setting quotas, where one way is to base them on territory potential, and the other is to base them on past sales. It talks about how expense accounts are strictly regulated by the IRS, which stipulates in some detail what is and is not tax deductable. It then mentions that a sound expense plan should be simple to administer, neither enrich nor impoverish the reps, and control the level of selling expenses. The reading talks about how management should identify in writing, and in detail, what expenses it will cover for reps. Then it greatly talked about how a company should develop a plan for controlling the sales force’s transportation costs, where often some form of...
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