HIS 142 2011 syllabus

HIS 142 2011 syllabus - History 142: Latin America under...

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Unformatted text preview: History 142: Latin America under Colonial Rule Fall 2011 Prof. Kathryn Burns (kjburns@email.unc.edu) Murphey 116 Hamilton 465, 962-6618 M/W 11:00 a.m. Office hours TBA This course is designed to introduce you to critical issues in colonial Latin American history. When Iberians invaded and colonized Americans after 1492, what kind of globalization did this produce? Who participated, why, and what was at stake? What was early modern political economy like? Well also examine issues of identity, difference, and hierarchy in the New World. What rights did some people claim to control the lives of others, free and slave? What kinds of relationships resulted, and how were they challenged and changed? Our readings span a variety of perspectives, and include bits of Columbuss diary, the Dominican friar Las Casass famous critique of Spanish brutality, and the picaresque account of a cross-dressing nun. We will consider the proposition that Indians were not born but made, and look at the creation of distinctive American identities under colonial conditions. The course acquaints students with one of the General Education approaches to knowledge (Social and Behavioral Sciences: Historical). It may also be used to satisfy other requirements (Spatial and Cultural Connections: Beyond the North Atlantic World; World Before 1750; Global Issues). Texts to purchase (available at the UNC Student Store): Las Casas, A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies Erauso, Lieutenant Nun Stern, Peru's Indian Peoples and the Challenge of Spanish Conquest , 2 nd ed. Sweet, Recreating Africa Requirements: Our most basic expectations are that you will (1) do all the assigned reading and writing on time, (2) attend all lectures and all meetings of your recitation section, and (3) participate constructively in dialogue as we decide collectively what to...
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HIS 142 2011 syllabus - History 142: Latin America under...

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