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L07b 1. Tension of the string is an external force of the system that does no work. The tension force does no work because it acts in the direction perpendicular to the motion of the bob. The angle between the force of tension and its direction of motion is 90 degrees. If you take the cosine of 90 degrees, it is 0. Thus, the force of tension does no work upon the bob. 2. There are no external forces that do work on the system. 3. Because there are no external forces doing work, I expect the total mechanical
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Unformatted text preview: energy to be conserved. 4. I could find the vertical height of the bob and the drop height to determine the vertical distance travelled by the bob. By using this value I can determine the gravitational potential energy of the system at that point. 5. I could find the velocity at that point to determine the kinetic energy of the system at that point. 6. I would need the mass of the bob to determine the gravitational potential energy and the kinetic energy. 7. 8. 9....
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